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The FULL Tappilini Meditation – 25 min


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“Dip your toes in some transformative Tappilini meditation. This daily ritual will fill you up with the confidence and clarity that you will need to feel good, give your video conference meetings your best ever, and will be your ‘go-to’ mind detox every single day..”

Vogue Arabia


Tappilini is the fusion of two scientifically proven and ancient techniques: Tapping or EFT and Kundalini-Yoga Meditation. Tappilini was put together by Eduardo Blanco (Ankh-Samsara) in 2018 as part of a self-healing process during Group Therapy for Survivors Of Child Abuse UK, and has been proven to be Highly Effective as a coping technique for intense moments of stress, fear, shame, guilt, worry, anxiety, grief, addictions, vulnerability and emotional weakness in general.

How Tappilini Works?

Tappilini works by repeating specific words, The Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das: GURU GURU WAHE GURU GURU RAM DAS GURU. This mantra is repeated 5 times in one breath x 108 times; whilst Tapping 9[+1] specific points in the head, face and body, and takes about 21 minutes. 

Tappilini creates the opportunity to think, visualise and experience extreme or difficult situations from a neutral point of view, a Quantum Consciousness point of view; an enlightened perspective free of judgement. This is what makes Tappilini so powerful and valuable. By Tapping meridian points we sever the neurological path of the Fight, Flight and Freeze response of the nervous system, creating emotional freedom. The Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das gives the practitioner structure to transcend and transform darkness into light, wisdom into experience. This miracle mantra expands consciousness beyond the human experience [transcendance] and gives vitality, clarity and peace. IMAGINE the limitless possibilities of these two techniques put together.

“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.” 
Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself



Tapping [EFT]

Like acupuncture and acupressure, Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body’s energy meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has helped thousands of veterans and people around the world relieve their post traumatic effects PTSD and it’s based on tapping specific points in your body to free and unblock the Energy flow or Qi, the chinesse concept of life-energy that runs through the body.

Tapping Points

EFT is scientifically proven to sever neurological paths of the Fight, Flight or Freeze response of the nervous system during high levels of stress.  

As seen in:

Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

White Mahatma Tantric, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa
(Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga)
1929 – 2004

“Kundalini” is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means “coiled snake.” In early Eastern religion (long before Buddhism and Hinduism) it was believed that each individual possessed a divine energy at the base of the spine. This energy was thought to be the sacred energy of creation. This energy is something we are born with, but we must make an effort to “uncoil the snake,” thereby putting us in direct contact with the divine. Kundalini Yoga is the practice of awakening our Higher Self and turning potential energy into kinetic energy.

The exact origin of Kundalini Yoga is unknown, but the earliest known mention dates to the sacred Vedic collection of writings known as the Upanishads (c. 1,000 B.C. – 500 B.C.). Historical records indicate that Kundalini was a science of energy and spiritual philosophy before the physical practice was developed. The word “upanishads” literally translates to “sitting down to hear the teachings of the master.” The first Kundalini classes were just that. Masters sat down with students and gave oral recitation of spiritual visions. This was a popular practice in ancient Vedic society (and would be replicated centuries later by a couple guys named Buddha and Jesus). Over time, the body science of Kundalini Yoga was developed as a physical expression of the Upanishad visions.

From its origin, Kundalini Yoga was not taught publicly. It was treated as an advanced education. Students were required to go through several years of initiation before they were prepared to learn the spirit-body lessons of the Kundalini masters.

For thousands of years, the science of Kundalini was kept hidden, passed on in secret from master to a chosen disciple who was considered worthy. Teaching Kundalini outside the secret society of Indian yoga elite was unheard of. The public was not prepared, it was believed, to access such powerful knowledge. Kundalini was veiled in secrecy until one morning when a holy Sikh rebel named Yogi Bhajan wrapped a white turban around his head and took a one-way flight from Punjab, India to Toronto, Canada in 1968.

“Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with Infinity, and it’s the art to experience Infinity in the finite.”

– Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Meditation

Meditation in Kundalini Yoga contains specific, practical tools that carefully and precisely support the mind and guide the body through the use of breath, mantra, mudra, and focus. The range and variety of meditation techniques in the Kundalini Yoga tradition is truly extraordinary. Yogi Bhajan passed on hundreds of meditations tailored to specific applications. There are meditations that reduce stress, work on addictions, increase vitality, and clear chakras, to name a few. While there exist many, many styles and approaches to meditation, what sets this approach to meditation apart is its precision, effectiveness, and practicality.

Who Is Eduardo Blanco?

Eduardo is not a counselor or therapist, he is a visionary and master of Quantum Consciousness. In 1991 He was initiated as The Life Of Light by The White Mahatma Tantric, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga) and began his spiritual training with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Since then, Eduardo has gathered extensive experience in wellbeing, fitness, natural healing and Quantum Consciousness overcoming illness and dis-ease in mind, body and soul; earning his Mastership in 2016 after 10 years of extreme hardship and adversity that took him to the brink of death, twice.  He lives an ascetic lifestyle of self-discipline and moderation. With more than 30 years of experience, within his journey Eduardo has successfully transformed and transcended mayor traumas and illnesses, such as​ • Child (sexual and psychological) Abuse • Speech Disorders • ADD • PTSD • Dyslexia • Body Dysmorphia• Eating Disorders • Bipolar Disorder • Schizophrenia • Paranoia • Depression • Addictions • Cancer and AIDS.

For Whom Tappilini Is aimed for?

  • Every one. However Tappilini is most effective in moments of high levels of stress, fear, shame, guilt, worry, anxiety and vulnerability in general.
  • Individuals with a very active monkey mind; the never ending automatic thinking, worrying and cathastophysing. 
  • Individuals who cannot point out exactly why they feel low, stressed, sad, worried or afraid when everything is “apparently” alright. 
  • For those individuals who feel out of synch or unbalanced. 
  • When a recent or past trauma still feels a little too vivid and can’t let go.
  • For individuals who are dealing or have dealt with huge levels of stress due to illness, pain or weakness. 
  • For individuals who are grieving with personal loss, separation or death.

What To Expect During The Class

During this 45-60 minute class, you will be introduced to Tappilini and the origins of this technique.
NOTE: Expect kindness and unwavering understanding at all times. We aim to provide a safe and friendly space where you can easily let go and feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

  1. Quick intro to Tappilini
  2. EFT and Tapping points
  3. Kundalini Meditation & The Miracle Mantra Of Guru RamDas
  4. Time to practice: Before the session begins you will have enough time to familiarise yourself with the tapping points and the Kundalini mantra. 
  5. Warm-up 11mins.
  6. THE MAIN SESSION: During this time, a track will by played in the background to guide you through the whole process. This track was recorded originally by Gurucharan and last 22 mins. During this time, you will chant the mantra as you tap the different points in your head, face and body, alternating arms as we continue the process.
    The focus and concentration is relaxed. You’ll be seated on yoga mats and can use cushions for more comfort. 
  7. To end: You will take a deep breathe in and relax either in the same position or lying down on your back.
What To Expect AFTER The Class

NOTE: Experiences differ from person to person. But most people will feel a sense of: 

  1. Relaxation and Peace. Mindfulness and breathing techniques are pretty much a guarantee of connection with the self.
  2. A clear and neutral mind: You may feel how, although the external factors may still be the same, you feel completely different inside yourself. You may be able to look at or simply think of those difficult issues without panicking, fighting or running away. 
  3. A sense of direction: Many times, people have experienced a sense of direction with their own spirituality and intuition. During Tappilini meditation many insights can be received and paths become clear, with it you’ll know exactly what it is that you need or want to do next. 
  4. Freedom and lightness: If you came to the class with stress or a particular issue you wanted to let go, you may experience freedom, perhaps for the first time, the true stillness and silence of body and mind.


Anyone can practice Tappilini. However, it requires a certain level of self-disciple and knowledge. No one but your intuition can tell you if you are ready for a challenge of this nature. That being said, if you are reading this, it’s quite probable that you are indeed ready. Take a moment to observe your inner-compass. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • A bottle of water (optional).

“When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears”

Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni

Thank You Note

I want to personally thank you for your participation and interest in Tappilini. It is my sincere and most determined commitment to help and assist others in their journey to greatness. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for more information and support. You can contact me directly using the CONTACT ME form below at the end of this page.


Eduardo Emris Blanco
London, UK


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