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@MoreYoga_ says: Tappilini is “The Touch Of The Untouchable.”

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Here you will find the audio track and tapping points to make TAPPILINI your daily practice,

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FREE Miracle Mantra Of GuruRamDas – Version 1

By Eduardo Blanco

Track to practice Tappilini.
Remember, the idea is to chant 5 times the mantra Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru in one breath x 108

Tappilini Audio Track

Tapping Points

0. The Karate Point (only at the beginning for the first 3 breaths)

1.Crown point. Top of your head.

2. Where your eyebrows begin point. (Use both indice and middle fingers)

3. The Temple point. Side of your eye.

4. Under your eye point. The bonny bit

5. Under your nose point.

6. The Chin Point.

7. Collar bone point.

8. Chest bone point.

9. Under arm point.

This is such an amazing meditation. Wow it works like magic and it creates very powerful results. Thank You Tappilini.

Akasha Kaur

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