Tappilini & Vogue Arabia

Tappilini was recently mentioned in Vogue Arabia by @Saha_Mamta, and I’m totally over the moon. I met @Saha_Mamta through the live broadcast I did for @More_Yoga_ on Instagram. I came online to share my experience during the Covid-19 lockdown. During the first transmission I asked if any of the participants were interested in learning aboutContinue reading “Tappilini & Vogue Arabia”

Tappilini Workshop

In this workshop you will learn all about Tappilini, where does it come from and how to practice it. This workshop was given on October 2019 at MoreYoga Haringey. Please send me your comments, suggestions or questions using the Contact Me form. Thank You. Hope you enjoy this presentation.

Tappilini Introduction & Workshop

Today we produced our first Tappilini video. In it, we share where Tappilini came from and quickly showed how it how it’s done. We also shared the first FREE Tappilini Workshop that will take place in More Yoga Haringey, in London UK ON SATURDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2019, @ 3:30PM. PLEASE CONTACT FOR MORE INFO. ButContinue reading “Tappilini Introduction & Workshop”

Tappilini Intro

Tappilini came after many years of trials and errors trying to figure out what was going on in my mind and heart, and now that I believe I have found at least the peace of mind to not die, is that I step into the next level of existence and not just not-die but beginContinue reading “Tappilini Intro”