Tappilini & Vogue Arabia

Tappilini was recently mentioned in Vogue Arabia by @Saha_Mamta, and I’m totally over the moon.

I met @Saha_Mamta through the live broadcast I did for @More_Yoga_ on Instagram. I came online to share my experience during the Covid-19 lockdown.

During the first transmission I asked if any of the participants were interested in learning about new meditation that combined tapping and kundalini meditation. Mamta was one of those people interested. The next day we began communicating and I began sharing Tappilini.

After some work together and the opportunity for Tappilini to do its job, Mamta felt the results and next thing I know, Tappilini is been mentioned in Vogue Arabia. How about that? WOW.

A Bit of History

A couple of years ago. The end of 2018, Tappilini happened to me and transformed my life. The following year, Tappilini helps my mother through a grieving process after loosing her partner of 30 years, and she practices Tappilini every single day. In 2020 my uncle begins to use Tappilini after my aunt dies. He is devastated but Tappilini brings him back to his centre and begins to practice Tappilini every single day. In April 2020 during lockdown I decide, due to the evidence that Tappilini works, to share it with the world and for the first time I talk about it and share it publicly. And in weeks is mentioned in VOGUE!!!!! OMG!. This is truly a great meditation that opens up a lot of doors.

“Dip your toes in some transformative Tappilini meditation. This daily ritual will fill you up with the confidence and clarity that you will need to feel good, give your video conference meetings your best ever, and will be your ‘go-to’ mind detox every single day..”

Please, read the full article here: https://en.vogue.me/beauty/5-rituals-set-day-success/

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Born in Mexico. Love names and changing frames. Life for me is about facing challenges and enjoying the silence of knowing.

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